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2022 Pastured Pork

We are having a great time raising our second batch of two pigs this year!  The pigs teach us a lot and they are SO MUCH FUN!   We learn how much pasture pigs require, how much they love to lay in mud holes, and we are constantly amazed at their snout strength.  They sprint around their pasture like they run in track and field - there is no "slow pig" speed.  We feed the two pigs a delicious diet of organic hog grower and garden scraps, and the pigs supplement their diets with rooting through their pasture.  We move their pasture once they have eaten through about 75% of their current pasture.   

2022 costs will be $3.75 per pound live weight plus the cost of butcher cost.  The pigs typically weigh between 250 and 300 pounds before they are taken in to J.M Watkins in Plum City, WI for butcher.  We would ask for a $75 deposit to secure your animal and to help us cover the feed cost.  If you have any interest in a quarter, half or whole pig, please send us a message on the "Contact" page.  We are planning to raise four pigs in 2022, and more pigs if there is a need.  If you are interested in a delicious pastured pig for butcher in fall of 2022, contact us today!  We will need to have pig orders confirmed by May 1, 2022.

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