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2022 Meat Chickens 

We spent 2020 raising delicious meat chickens to feed five families. We raise Cornish Cross (Cornish X) meat chickens.  These lovely birds are given the highest quality organic feed we can find, (soy-free when available) along with 100% pasture once they have grown enough feathers to survive the weather. We plan grow the meat chickens out to ten weeks, which yields birds that weigh between four and six pounds.  We use a wonderful USDA -inspected organic butcher, who gives us the option of various cuts of meat along with other benefits.   

We are taking pre-orders for meat chickens in 2022.  Our final price is $5 per pound plus the butchering cost. The $5 per pound price includes the hatchery chick order, organic feed, infrastructure such as shelters, feeders and/or waterers, and electricity for the fan to cool the chickens outside. The price also includes our time to feed and water twice a day, as well as move the chickens to new pasture as needed and transport the birds to and from the butcher. We ask for a $10 per bird deposit to be paid when you order, to help us cover feed costs. The deposit will be taken from your final bill.

The butchering costs for 2020 were $4 per bird, with an add-on of $3 per bird if you wanted it cut into quarters, halves, or pieces, and extra charges for feet and giblets.


We plan to make two chicken orders in 2022.  Please contact us by March 15, 2022 if you are interested. We would like to  have each order total 50 birds to help make the best use of our infrastructure and time.

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