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Garlic and Garlic Scapes

We love the smell and taste of homegrown garlic, and we hope you do, too!  We carefully plant our largest garlic cloves in late fall, cover them with soil and tuck them in for winter with a thick layer of leaves.  We enjoy watching and weeding the garlic through the following spring and summer. Garlic scapes are harvested about 2-4 weeks before the garlic is harvested, typically in late June to mid-July.  Garlic is typically harvested in late July or early August, cured for three to four weeks, then processed for seed, sale, or enjoyment.

We plan to grow a nice-sized patch of Purple Stripe and German Extra Hardy garlic for the 2022 season.  We are already starting to have garlic reservations for 2022, so if you are interested in this year's crop, please send us a note on the "Contact" page to reserve garlic or garlic scapes.

We enjoy our garlic fresh for delicious dishes!  We preserve our garlic by mincing it with avocado oil and storing in small mason jars in the freezer.  When we want the taste of fresh garlic in the winter, we pull out one of the jars to thaw and enjoy the summery garlic goodness.  

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