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Our farm's mission is to nourish people with delicious and nutritious food while sustainably stewarding the land and providing loving care to our plants and animals.

Abundant Harvest Farm, LLC was started from the fire of passion built from family farm experience, our homestead purchase, the necessity of knowing where our food comes from and who grows it, and the desire to live more sustainably in all aspects of life. We both grew up in homes where gardening and food preservation were and still are held in high regard.  

We started our LLC business in January, 2017.  We have been gardeners and food preservers since 2011, chicken farmers since 2013, beekeepers since 2015, and pig farmers since 2020.  We strive to rebuild our soil, steward our land, create a safe haven for wildlife and protect and enhance our farm for the coming generations.

Abundant Harvest Farm, LLC believes that all pollinators are essential to life. We do our best to offer our honeybees and all types of pollinators the best possible homes and plant food sources.  We enjoy speaking with people who understand the great benefits of liquid gold - honey!   


We are growing and learning, and hope to expand into the pastured beef and possibly small square hay operations in the next year or so to keep growing as farmers and nurturers of the land.  

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