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What's been happening since October, 2018

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

My deepest apologies for becoming so very far behind in blogging. The entire last year was quite difficult with rainy and cold weather. In 2018, we didn't get our garlic planted until two days after Thanksgiving, when November rain thawed the frozen ground enough in a merciful display of farming opportunity. Earlier that month I almost burned out barn down (see separate posting). The winter of deep and frequent snows kept us on our toes and in snowshoes. We spent much time shoveling off roofs to prevent collapse.

This year hasn't been any better. It was so cold for so long that the summertime veggie plants were late. It rained so much that many pumpkins were rotten. What a disappointing year all around.

This will be a long blog post with many photos, but I know you'll enjoy ready it and reliving the adventures with us. More info to come soon!

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